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Determining Liability in Trucking Accidents From Perspective of a San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Trucking Safety Concerns.

San Antonio Trucking Accident Lawyer on Safety Issues

Texas trucking accidents account for a fraction of all traffic-related accidents that occur on Texas roadways. However, they have the potential to be much more dangerous than motor vehicle traffic accidents.  Due to the sheer weight and size of most trucks, injuries and fatalities resulting from trucking accidents are far greater than most car accidents.  Many trucks also haul hazardous loads that can pose additional risks in the event that they are spilled or otherwise compromised during an accident. Additionally, large trucks are much more likely to be involved in fatal multiple-vehicle crashes compared to fatal single-vehicle crashes. As a San Antonio truck accident lawyer, I have seen the devastating effects that a trucking accident can have on victims and their families, and I’m not alone in recognizing the devastation caused by trucking accidents.

According to 2012 statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,675 people were killed and 80,000 injured in crashes that involved large trucks (of which there were 276,000 such crashes). These statistics represent a 9% increase in fatalities and an 8% increase in the number of injuries compared to statistics from 2011.

Like motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents can occur as a result of a variety of factors. Most trucking accidents are caused by driver error, and fatigue and sleep deprivations are the leading contributors to such error. Another common cause is equipment failure, which might occur in the form of brake failure due to improper maintenance.  Maintenance issues such as tire blowouts as a result of wear and tear, defective lighting, or an improperly attached trailer top the list of maintenance issues that lead to trucking accidents Other factors can also contribute to trucking accidents, including adverse weather, road conditions, and traffic signal failure.

Semi-Truck Drivers Caught Texting While Driving Face Criminal Penalties.

San Antonio Truck Accident Laywer Discussed Dangers of Distracted Truck DriversIf you are anything like me, driving in front of, behind, or anywhere near an 18-wheeler gives me anxiety.  Maybe the anxiety is natural, or maybe it’s because as a San Antonio truck accident lawyer I am all too familiar with the devastation these massive trucks can cause when involved in an accident.  However, even for those of you who don’t handle Texas truck accident lawsuits, to some extent you likely share my anxiety while traveling anywhere hear these large semi-trucks.

However, as someone who has seen the devastating effects that a truck accident can have on a family who has lost a child, spouse, parent, or sibling as a result of a trucking accident, I believe the anxiety and fears associated with sharing the road with 18-wheelers is well justified.

To make matters worse, it’s not uncommon to look up at a semi-truck driver and see them texting, or fiddling with their GPS or phone in some manner.  And, unfortunately, more semi-truck drivers are texting behind the wheel than you might imagine. 

Truck Accident News: New Study Finds High Rate of Drug Abuse Among Commercial Truck Drivers

San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyers of Barrus Law Group Discuss Drug Use Among Truck Drivers.As a Texas truck accident lawyer, I’m always interested in news about the trucking industry, and trucking rules and regulations.  Last week I read a recent university study, which found that commercial truck drivers suffer from a high rate of drug, use, specifically drugs that are considered to be “mind altering” substances.  While the study does state that the high rate of drug use among truck drivers is likely linked to high hours, insufficient sleep, and poor working conditions, none of those reasons helped put my mind at ease.  For those of us that share the road with these behemoth 18-wheelers, the “reasons” that commercial truck drivers abuse controlled substances probably doesn’t do much to calm our fears regarding safety, nor should it.  In fact, Reuters Health cited a recent study that showed that the “consumption of psychoactive substances” is a risk factor that could lead to a substantial increase in the number of trucking accidents.

In fact, there are more than 500,000 trucking accidents each year in the United States according to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Moreover, these accidents resulted in the death of more than 3,700 people, with another 88,000 people being severely injured in 2012 alone. 

#1 Deadly Semi-Truck Maneuver Responsible for Significant Trucking Accidents

San Antonio Truck Accident LawyerAs a Texas truck accident lawyer, I’ve come to realize that perhaps the single most dangerous maneuver that a commercial truck can make is a u-turn on a public roadway.   In fact, these maneuvers are so dangerous, that they are almost universally prohibited my most large trucking companies.  However, this doesn’t stop the majority of truck drivers from attempting these dangerous maneuvers.  In fact, a recent poll among truck drivers showed that the vast majority of truck drivers attempt u-turns in a big rig on a regular basis, even those who knew such maneuvers are prohibited by company policy.  It is well documented that these types of dangerous trucking maneuvers lead to hundreds of Texas truck accidents each year.  Each time a truck driver attempts one of these dangerous maneuvers on a public roadway, he or she is acting negligently, putting the safety of the general public at risk.  Our dedicated San Antonio truck accident lawyers fight hard to hold these drivers accountable when their negligence leads to injury or death.

 What Makes U-Turns In An 18-Wheeler So Dangerous?

Basically, there are three reasons that making a u-turn in a commercial truck is so dangerous:

Gathering Important Evidence After a Texas Truck Accident

san antonio truck accident lawyers - barrus law groupThe laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry and truck drivers is extensive to say the least.  And, in a perfect world, these regulations help to keep both drivers and other passengers on the road safe.  As a San Antonio truck accident lawyer, I am very aware of the devastating impact these massive trucks can have when involved in an accident. And while the proper execution of these rules and regulations act to help keep everyone on the roadway safe, the rules and regulations are not always followed.  In fact, in order to show that these rules have been violated following a Texas truck accident, it’s essential to know what evidence to gather, and how to gather it.  In fact, your case may very well depend upon evidence that must be gathered shortly after the accident to keep the evidence from being lost or destroyed.

Shortage of Truck Drivers Leading to Increase in Eagle Ford Shale Truck Accidents

Written by San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer, Stacey M. Barrus of the Barrus Law Group.

How common are truck accidents in Texas?  The answer to that question depends upon several factors, one of which is the area in which you live.  If you live in the Eagle Ford Shale area of South Texas, trucking accidents are fairly common, and have been on the rise over the last several years as a result of the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas boom.

What’s more alarming, however, is that because truck drivers in the Eagle Ford Shale area are in short supply, trucking companies are cutting corners when hiring truck drivers – hiring truck drivers with poor driving and safety records.

san-antonio-truck-wreck-lawyer-eagleford-accidentIn fact, recently serious accident was caused by a truck driver who had several prior DWI convictions, and who had been drinking just before his semi-truck slammed into the rear end of a car stopped at a red light, seriously injuring every person in the car.

It makes you wonder what kind of trucking company would hire a driver with several DWI convictions on his record – especially when you consider that a 10 Ton big rig in the wrong hands can be a deadly weapon.  But, many trucking companies are hiring dangerous drivers because truck drivers are in high demand, and there is a shortage of drivers in the area.

Recently, a jury returned a verdict of $9.5 million for the family injured by this drunken eagle ford shale truck driver.  And, while the family continues to heal from their injuries, according to Kens 5 news, the truck driver, Johnny Raymond Rodriguez, is still driving big rigs in the Eagle Ford Shale Area.

18 Wheeler Accident Prevention 101 – Don’t Toke and Drive

Texas 18 Wheeler Accident LawyerWritten on behalf of San Antonio personal injury attorney, Stacey M. Barrus, founder of the Barrus Law Group, PLLC.

Obviously, smoking marihuana while driving an 18 wheeler truck is not only an exercise in stupidity, but it can have deadly consequences.

You see, unlike a passenger car or truck, accidents involving 18 wheelers usually entail accidents with catastrophic injuries, and often times even result in death.  As such, when it comes to semi-trucks, toking and driving are a lethal combination.

But what about Medical Marihuana?  Recently Medical Marihuana has made news in states like Washington and Colorado, two states that have recently legalized marihuana.  Additionally, many other states that have not legalized “mary jane” outright, have exceptions for medical marihuana usage.  So what about truck drivers who need “Medical Marihuana,”  should they be prevented from getting behind the wheel? 

Parents of Denver Broncos Football Coach Killed in Texas 18 Wheeler Accident.

Texas Truck Accident Lawyers - Barrus Law GroupLast Wednesday, a Texas 18 wheeler accident killed Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Studesville, parents of the Denver Broncos football team’s running back coach, Eric Studesville.

According to police, Mr. and Mrs. Studesville were riding their motorcycle when a semi truck hit them.  Both were pronounced dead at the scene.  The police report also indicated that the driver of the 18-wheeler truck swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic, the lane in which the couple was traveling on their motorcycle.  It was unclear, however, from the police report why the truck driver may have veered into oncoming traffic, which caused the Texas 18 wheeler accident.

As someone who has lost a brother and an uncle to motorcycle accidents, my prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the Studesville’s.

Motorcycle accidents are devastating, and generally entail considerable injury or death because of the lack of protection offered to motorcycle riders. Even when motorcycle riders take the appropriate precautions by wearing a helmet and protective clothing, accidents are still generally severe due to the lack of enclosure that motorcycles offer.  Generally, the most substantial injuries occur not from the initial impact of the accident, but from the motorcycle rider’s impact with the roadway, especially at significant speeds.

3 Reasons Texas Trucking Accidents (and Injuries) Are On The Rise

Texas Truck Accident Laywer's BlogYou don’t have to live in our beloved country (Texas), or the United States for that matter, to realize how many 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, and semi-trucks travel our roads in any given month.  And, while a certain number of trucking accidents would be expected, Texas trucking accidents appear to be on the rise, which I believe is the result of several factors.

First, these large trucks move virtually everything we rely upon from place to place, including our cars, food, supplies, and even our mail.  As such, there are thousands of these large 18-wheeler trucks that travel across Texas roads, interstates and highways every single day.  And, while these massive trucks help deliver the goods we rely upon, they also increase the risk of serious injury or death resulting from Texas trucking accidents.  As a San Antonio truck accident lawyer, I learn of these large trucking accidents more frequently than the average Texan – However, it never ceases to amaze me at how many people are unaware of the rate at which these accidents occur on our highways.