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Determining Liability in Trucking Accidents From Perspective of a San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Trucking Safety Concerns.

San Antonio Trucking Accident Lawyer on Safety Issues

Texas trucking accidents account for a fraction of all traffic-related accidents that occur on Texas roadways. However, they have the potential to be much more dangerous than motor vehicle traffic accidents.  Due to the sheer weight and size of most trucks, injuries and fatalities resulting from trucking accidents are far greater than most car accidents.  Many trucks also haul hazardous loads that can pose additional risks in the event that they are spilled or otherwise compromised during an accident. Additionally, large trucks are much more likely to be involved in fatal multiple-vehicle crashes compared to fatal single-vehicle crashes. As a San Antonio truck accident lawyer, I have seen the devastating effects that a trucking accident can have on victims and their families, and I’m not alone in recognizing the devastation caused by trucking accidents.

According to 2012 statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,675 people were killed and 80,000 injured in crashes that involved large trucks (of which there were 276,000 such crashes). These statistics represent a 9% increase in fatalities and an 8% increase in the number of injuries compared to statistics from 2011.

Like motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents can occur as a result of a variety of factors. Most trucking accidents are caused by driver error, and fatigue and sleep deprivations are the leading contributors to such error. Another common cause is equipment failure, which might occur in the form of brake failure due to improper maintenance.  Maintenance issues such as tire blowouts as a result of wear and tear, defective lighting, or an improperly attached trailer top the list of maintenance issues that lead to trucking accidents Other factors can also contribute to trucking accidents, including adverse weather, road conditions, and traffic signal failure.

Texas Untouchables – How Texas’ Sovereign Immunity Laws Continue to Injure Texas Residents

San Antonio personal injury attorneys.As San Antonio injury attorneys, we handle a great deal of dog bite cases.   These cases tend to take an emotional toll on all involved, especially when a child is the victim of a vicious dog bite attack.   The emotional toll is exacerbated when the violent dog attack was 100% avoidable, but occurred because of the gross negligence of one or more persons.  This is even more devastating when the grossly negligent party was a county officer, such as a Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy.

While many would think that a Bexar County Deputy would be held liable for an act of gross negligence that led to a vicious dog attack against a child, Texas law does not allow city or county officials, which includes Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies, to be held accountable for acts of negligence, except in very limited cases.  In fact, in most cases, city , state, and county entities and their employees are immune from lawsuits – basically they are “untouchable” in most cases involving negligence.   In most cases, where a normal citizen would be held accountable for their negligence, Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies get a free pass.