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Texas Untouchables – How Texas’ Sovereign Immunity Laws Continue to Injure Texas Residents

San Antonio personal injury attorneys.As San Antonio injury attorneys, we handle a great deal of dog bite cases.   These cases tend to take an emotional toll on all involved, especially when a child is the victim of a vicious dog bite attack.   The emotional toll is exacerbated when the violent dog attack was 100% avoidable, but occurred because of the gross negligence of one or more persons.  This is even more devastating when the grossly negligent party was a county officer, such as a Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy.

While many would think that a Bexar County Deputy would be held liable for an act of gross negligence that led to a vicious dog attack against a child, Texas law does not allow city or county officials, which includes Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies, to be held accountable for acts of negligence, except in very limited cases.  In fact, in most cases, city , state, and county entities and their employees are immune from lawsuits – basically they are “untouchable” in most cases involving negligence.   In most cases, where a normal citizen would be held accountable for their negligence, Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies get a free pass.