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Negligence May Have Led to Wrongful Death of High School Football Student

San Antonio Injury Lawyer Discusses Wrongful Death Actions in Texas.A recent tragedy in a high school football game has once again drawn attention and criticism of the lack of oversight regarding medical injuries in high school sports.  Recently, Fox Sports reported that 17 year old Chad Stover of Tipton High School in Tipton Missouri suffered a severe injury during a high school football game. Stover was taken to the hospital by Ambulance, where he later died from the injuries sustained on the football field.

As a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, the lawyers at my firm are no stranger to the grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one – we help our clients through these difficult circumstances, but it never gets easier.

Unfortunate events like the death of Chad Stover have brought a considerable amount of awareness to the lack of preparedness, policies, and workable procedures that high schools and school districts have in place to deal with severe injuries. 

Sports Related Brain Injuries Landing More Kids in Emergency Rooms

San Antonio Injury Lawyer Discusses Traumatic Brain Injuries in ChildrenI was in the emergency room with my daughter the other night due to a sudden asthma attack.  As a San Antonio injury lawyer, I’m always curious to see what kinds of injuries present at the emergency room.  Most of the patients were there for sicknesses, nothing too traumatic or exciting.

However, a new study shows that twice as many children end up in emergency rooms as a result of head injuries related to sports as compared to ten years ago.  The study was released online by the medical journal “Pediatrics.”  The study, entitled Trends in Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury, highlights the following findings:

Here are some highlights from the study:

  • Representative Group – the data included kids up to 19 years of age who presented at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital emergency room for trauma from the year 2002 through 2011.
  • Injuries Represented – the registries of the hospital were inspected to discover how many children received a primary or secondary diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.
  • Sports-Related Injuries – it was found that sports-related injuries accounted for 15.4 percent of these traumatic brain injury ER visits.
  • Dramatic Increase – ER visits for sports-related traumatic brain injuries increased 92% over the study period.

Are Kids Really Suffering More Brain Injuries?

Notwithstanding the study’s findings, it is very unlikely that kids are actually suffering twice as many traumatic brain injuries than in previous years.  However, it’s probable that the study illustrates the increased awareness and attention that parents, coaches, and the general public are paying to these types of injuries.  In fact, traumatic brain injuries have been in the news a lot lately – from the playground to the National Football League (NFL) – we hear more about these types of injuries than ever before.  In fact, recently the NFL and Players reached a $765 million concussion settlement, which shed a vast amount of light on these types of injuries.

Texas Residents Injured in 2 Separate Gas Line Explosions

San Antonio Injury Lawyers Help Those Injured in Pipeline ExplosionsAs a San Antonio Texas personal injury attorney, we have the unfortunate job of witnessing the pain and suffering experienced by out clients as the result of the negligent acts of others.  Among the most catastrophic of personal injuries in Texas deal with the exploration, capture, and transportation of oil and natural gas. In fact, recent gas line explosions recently resulted in death and severe injuries.

According to a Texas news source, two gas line explosions resulted in severe injury and death.  One explosion, reported by ABC News, caused severe disfigurement and burns to a three year old boy.  The injuries caused the young boy to undergo more than 15 surgeries, and resulting in permanently disabling injuries to the toddler.  Additionally, a pipeline explosion in the Houston area resulted in the untimely death of a 67 year old woman.

These are only two examples of the types of devastating personal injuries that are suffered by the negligence of gas companies.  In fact, when gas leaks go undetected by gas or transport companies, over time the leaking gas can find its way into the homes of Texas residents.  When this leaking gas comes in contact with an ignition source, such as a spark or pilot light, deadly explosions can occur. 

Tips for An Accident Free Halloween in 2013

Halloween Safety Tips Provided by Texas Injury Lawyers at Barrus Law GroupEven in Texas, there is a nip in the air as Halloween is upon us.  For the kids, this is one of the most exciting times of the year – carving pumpkins, picking costumes, and of course – the loads of candy the come from trick-or-treating all add to the excitement of Halloween.  However, sadly, as a San Antonio injury lawyer, I have found that Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year, especially for our youngsters.  As such, the Barrus Law Group offers the following safety tips to keep you and your children safe this Halloween:

  1. Proper Supervision – while Halloween is a lot of fun for the kids, adults tend to party it up on Halloween night as well.  And unfortunately, many irresponsible drivers will choose to drink and drive on Halloween, especially in San Antonio, which has an unusually high number of drunk driving related accidents each year.  As parents it’s important to keep our youngsters safe by offering proper supervision during trick-or-treating.  Keeping children inside of residential areas, and shuttling them across busy roadways is one way to help keep the kiddos safe.

New Study Reveals Long Term Brain Damage Caused By Even Minor Concussions.

brain-injuries-san-antonio-texas-injury-lawyersWritten on behalf of San Antonio Injury Lawyer Stacey M. Barrus.

Concussions are among the most well known types of brain injuries, and until recently, the long term effects of very minor concussions was thought to be minimal.  However, a recent study has shed some light on the long-term neurological damage caused by even slight concussions or other minor brain injuries.

While it was once thought that minor concussions caused only short-term impacts on a person, a new study reveals that even slight concussions cause serious long-term effects, such as memory loss, and loss of cognitive function.  A new report reveals that approximately 15 percent of concussions result in long-term neurological effects that have significant and debilitating effect on a concussion patient’s life.

The study, published in the journal “Radiology” looked at the brain changes that occur as a result of a concussion.  Researchers found that even in slight concussions, there were significant damages to “white brain matter,” and was often similar to damage seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

FAQ: Can I Be Compensated for Personal Injuries Caused by a Defective Product?

San Antonio Defective Products Injury LawyersWritten on behalf of personal injury attorney, Stacey M. Barrus, founder of the Barrus Law Group, PLLC.

As a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, there are certain questions that I get asked time and time again.  One of these questions involves products liability, specifically, under what circumstances can an injured person be compensated for injuries resulting from a defective product.

Products liability is an area of personal injury law that deals with holding manufacturers and distributors of dangerous products liable for injuries caused by those defective products.  Generally, a product is considered “defective” if the product is unreasonably dangerous when used for its intended purpose.  However, the principles behind products liability cases are much more complex than they may seem, and determining what is “unreasonably dangerous” means is often an area of confusion and frustration for courts, victims, and dangerous product lawyers alike.

The Legal Principles Behind Product Liability Laws

Under the “common law,” which are the laws that were handed down from old English courts, and have been adopted in some form or fashion by most states, the purchase and sale of a product was a contractual and commercial venture, thus the only parties that had a right to sue for damages were the parties to the transaction.  As such, it made it impossible for injured victims to sue manufacturers for defective products, because the injured person didn’t purchase the defective or dangerous product from the manufacture directly, but rather through a seller.

Why Not All Injured Persons Need An Injury Attorney

Hiring a San Antonio Personal Injury LawyerAs a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, I’ve learned one thing for certain: contrary to what many personal injury lawyers will tell you, not every injury case is a good case. While many injury attorneys will tell a potential client otherwise, an injured person doesn’t always need a personal injury attorney to represent them.  Generally speaking, to have a good personal injury case, you must have been injured by the negligence or wrongful acts of another person or entity.  This requirement is something that many people fail to understand.

Recently, I was on a plane flight from San Antonio to Denver.  When the woman sitting next to me saw the law-related book that I was reading, she asked me if I was an attorney.  And, as is often the case, after I acknowledged that I was an attorney, she wanted to ask my advice “about a case.”

After hearing her relate the facts surrounding her situation, it sounded as if her son had a valid injury claim against a property owner, or construction company.  She told me that her minor son was walking and fell into a hole that was left uncovered by a construction company, sustaining serious injuries.  However, upon asking her some follow up questions, her seemingly strong injury case started to fall apart.

Social Media Takes Center Stage In Personal Injury Cases

San Antonio Persional Injury BlogAs experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in San Antonio, our friends have personally seen the negative impact social media can have on a person’s injury or social security disability claim.

Before Al Gore “invented” the internet, persons who investigated others, such as attorneys, insurance companies, workers compensation investigators, and insurance companies, had to work much harder to check up on the people they were investigating. However, today, thanks to social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and blogging, people unwittingly volunteer much of the information that such investigators are searching for.

The proliferation of social mediate websites and other online gathering sites have made it easy for, and encouraged people to, post just about anything, and everything about their themselves, their families, and their lives. However, people using social media sites should be aware that friends and acquaintances are not the only people to see, and take notice of the personal details people post about themselves on such social networking sites.