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Harley-Davidson Clutch Defect Could Lead to Serious Motorcycle Accidents

Written by San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Stacey M. Barrus of the Barrus Law Firm.

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorneys - Barrus Law GroupHarley-Davidson has issued a recall of thousands of 2014 motorcycles due to a serious defect in the hydraulic clutch system.  The defect could lead to serious injuries because the defect is reported to cause the clutch to remain engaged while riding, which could prevent the rider from stopping the motorcycle, according to a press release from Harley-Davidson.  The inability to disengage the clutch could lead to serious motorcycle accidents, resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.

In fact, the defect is serious enough that Harley-Davidson has instructed dealers to stop selling the bikes, and is contacting customers to instruct them not to ride the bikes until the clutch defect can be fixed.

Under the recall, dealers will inspect the bikes and make necessary repairs.  Dealers are also proactively reaching out to those customers that purchased the motorcycles affected by the recall.  To learn more about the recall, visit motorcycle accident website:

Source: The Business Journal, “Harley-Davidson recalls more than 29,000 ’14 motorcycles,” published in The Business Journal, 17 October 2013.