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5 Types of Medical Malpractice That Are More Common Than You Think.

Medical Malpractice Attorney San AntonioAs a Medical Malpractice attorney in San Antonio, I am frequently asked what constitutes medical malpractice.  Medical malpractice can most simply be described as the failure of a medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, to follow established guidelines, which failure results in one or more injuries to the patient.  However, there are more specific types, or classes of medical malpractice, which occur more frequently than might imagine.

Specific types of medical malpractice include the following:

  • Prescription Errors: Because there are thousands of medications available for almost every ailment imaginable, it is imperative that medical professionals keep abreast and continue to educate themselves about such medications.  Failure to do so is a leading cause of prescription errors, and a common cause of medical malpractice.  According to the Institute of Medicine, it is estimated that each year 1.5 million patients are injured or killed by being prescribed the wrong medicines.
  • Birth Injuries or Deaths: There are a number of manners in which birth injuries may occur, including the mis-use of forcepts, or complications arising out of caesarean section, or other factors associated with high risk pregnancies.  Malpractice of the delivering physician often causes either physical injuries, or serious brain damages, including cerebral palsy.