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Do you Need GAP Insurance When Purchasing a New Car?

Texas injury attorney discussed benefits of GAP insurance.Recently, one of our experienced San Antonio auto accident lawyers wrote a helpful FAQ article regarding a question we frequently get calls about:  GAP Insurance.  What is it?  Do you need it?  Is it worth the money? So…Do you Need Gap Insurance or Not?

In this injury article, one of our injury lawyers in San Antonio discusses GAP Insurance, including factors that may indicate when purchasing GAP insurance may be beneficial.

A Prime Example of Insurance Bad Faith Practices

san-antonio-personal-injury-lawyersThe negotiation a friend of mine had with an insurance company a while back is a prime example of why a person needs to hire a good San Antonio personal injury lawyer. Here is the gist of what my colleague said:

Our client was seriously injured in an automobile accident, and needed an auto accident attorney in San Antonio. The client retained one of our experienced San Antonio car accident attorneys, and we were able to settle with the other driver for the driver’s policy limits. We then proceeded to make a claim on the injured client’s underinsured motorist coverage. Our client’s policy had $30,000.00 in coverage for underinsured motorist protection.

It was obvious from the facts that the claim was worth much more than the $50,000 in coverage contained in our client’s insurance policy. Therefore, we prepared a written offer to settle, asking the insurance company to settle the claim for $50,000, which was within the insurance policy limits. Approximately two weeks later we received a reply from the insurance company (rhymes with Tyco). In their response letter, the adjuster offered to settle for half of what we asked for, $25,000, even though he knew that the claim was valid, and that the full $50,000 was due the client.