Elderly Couple Poses for Picture Following Car Accident

I guess there’s no such thing as a bad time to take a picture…at least not for one elderly couple in California.  The couple were involved in an car accident that caused their car to flip on it’s side.  While the husband managed to escape from the vehicle, the wife was unable to escape on her own.  While they waited for help to arrive, the couple had the presence of mind (or sense of humor rather) to catch a quick picture of the scene.

Texas Inury Lawyer discusses recent car accident.

The picture depicts the elderly man standing next to the flipped car, and the elderly woman can be see still trapped in the vehicle, yet stopping to pose for the picture.  As an injury attorney, it’s nice to see a flip-over accident in which there were no serious personal injuries. If you’ve been involved in a serious roll-over accident, you can have your questions answered for free by Barrus Injury Lawyers.  Call them at (210) 593-8709.

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