Why Awareness About Perils of Distracting Driving Isn’t Necessarily Reducing Distration Related Car Accidents

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As a San Antonio car accident attorney, I probably notice more than most the number of distracted drivers behind the wheel here in Texas.  And, while it’s common knowledge that distracted driving costs lives, many people are still unaware of just how widespread the problem is.  This is greatly due to the fact that the popular media has simplified the issue by focusing on “texting” and use of other electronic devises.  However, distracted driving has been a problem long before such electronic devices were so widespread.  In fact, in talking about distracted driving in terms of only “texting” we ignore the multitude of distractions that existed before the advent of smart phones and GPS devices.  Distractions such as eating while driving, putting on make-up, passenger distractions, rubbernecking, adjusting dashboard controls, and sightseeing are among some of the distractions that existed long before “texting,” and which have just as great a tendency to cause an automobile accident as modern distraction.However, there is a good reason that many city and state law makers have zeroed in on electronic devices when drafting laws aimed at curbing distracted driving.  Mainly, because the solution to the problem is so blatantly obvious – put the phone down!

Many cities, such as San Antonio, Texas have taken the lead in banning “texting” while driving.  If public education and threats of criminal prosecution can persuade drivers to exercise greater care to avoid distracted driving, then perhaps we have a chance to eventually target other forms of distracted driving as well.

There have been many news stories about teenagers killed in Texas due to texting and driving. However, the problem with texting and driving isn’t confined to only teenage drivers.  In fact, according to a recent survey by the AAAFTS, about 92 percent of drivers over the age of 20 admit to texting and driving regularly.  In each case, drivers agreed that texting or emailing while driving is dangerous, and 80% of drivers surveyed support laws imposing fines and/or criminal penalties for violators.  Indeed, teens aren’t the only offenders.  In fact, a survey conducted by SADD and Liberty Mutual Insurance found that 60% of teens reported that they had witnessed their parents texting while driving.

These findings confirm what State Farm found in 2013 in a distracted driving survey.  State Farm found that 24% of drivers admit to accessing the Internet while driving, which is almost double the rate found in a similar 2009 survey.

As an automobile accident attorney in San Antonio, I witness first hand the devastating effects of distracted driving.  The perils of distracted driving are catastrophic, which is why 40 states, including Texas, and the District of Columbia have not banned texting while driving.  However, notwithstanding the bans, many continue to text while driving (likely due to the difficulty in detecting violations and enforcing such laws).

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