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Can A Minor Fender Bender Lead to Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury? Yes….

San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries.A car accident has the potential to negatively affect victims in many ways, most notably resulting in personal injuries.  Most commonly, victims suffer from soft tissue injuries that result in back, neck, and shoulder pain.  In extreme cases, victims may suffer broken bones, paralysis, or even death.  However, as an auto accident attorney in San Antonio, I’m painfully aware that in rare cases, these traumatic auto accidents can trigger unknown disorders that the victim was previously unaware of, which a David Moseley, age 31, is now painfully aware.

Moseley, who is undergoing treatment at Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock Texas, is suffering from Syringomyelia, also known as SM.  SM is a rare disorder in which the spinal fluid cannot flow normally due to either a congenital defect, or as the result of back, head, or other trauma.

Even in cases where the disorder is congenital due to a malformation of the spinal canal, it often does not affect the patient until the patient experiences some sort of trauma, such as a car accident, or other trauma.

In the present case, Moseley went from being in perfect health to spending most of the last two years in a wheelchair, in and out of rehabilitation facilities, and has undergone numerous surgeries and procedures. 

Sports Related Brain Injuries Landing More Kids in Emergency Rooms

San Antonio Injury Lawyer Discusses Traumatic Brain Injuries in ChildrenI was in the emergency room with my daughter the other night due to a sudden asthma attack.  As a San Antonio injury lawyer, I’m always curious to see what kinds of injuries present at the emergency room.  Most of the patients were there for sicknesses, nothing too traumatic or exciting.

However, a new study shows that twice as many children end up in emergency rooms as a result of head injuries related to sports as compared to ten years ago.  The study was released online by the medical journal “Pediatrics.”  The study, entitled Trends in Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury, highlights the following findings:

Here are some highlights from the study:

  • Representative Group – the data included kids up to 19 years of age who presented at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital emergency room for trauma from the year 2002 through 2011.
  • Injuries Represented – the registries of the hospital were inspected to discover how many children received a primary or secondary diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.
  • Sports-Related Injuries – it was found that sports-related injuries accounted for 15.4 percent of these traumatic brain injury ER visits.
  • Dramatic Increase – ER visits for sports-related traumatic brain injuries increased 92% over the study period.

Are Kids Really Suffering More Brain Injuries?

Notwithstanding the study’s findings, it is very unlikely that kids are actually suffering twice as many traumatic brain injuries than in previous years.  However, it’s probable that the study illustrates the increased awareness and attention that parents, coaches, and the general public are paying to these types of injuries.  In fact, traumatic brain injuries have been in the news a lot lately – from the playground to the National Football League (NFL) – we hear more about these types of injuries than ever before.  In fact, recently the NFL and Players reached a $765 million concussion settlement, which shed a vast amount of light on these types of injuries.

Texas Residents Injured in 2 Separate Gas Line Explosions

San Antonio Injury Lawyers Help Those Injured in Pipeline ExplosionsAs a San Antonio Texas personal injury attorney, we have the unfortunate job of witnessing the pain and suffering experienced by out clients as the result of the negligent acts of others.  Among the most catastrophic of personal injuries in Texas deal with the exploration, capture, and transportation of oil and natural gas. In fact, recent gas line explosions recently resulted in death and severe injuries.

According to a Texas news source, two gas line explosions resulted in severe injury and death.  One explosion, reported by ABC News, caused severe disfigurement and burns to a three year old boy.  The injuries caused the young boy to undergo more than 15 surgeries, and resulting in permanently disabling injuries to the toddler.  Additionally, a pipeline explosion in the Houston area resulted in the untimely death of a 67 year old woman.

These are only two examples of the types of devastating personal injuries that are suffered by the negligence of gas companies.  In fact, when gas leaks go undetected by gas or transport companies, over time the leaking gas can find its way into the homes of Texas residents.  When this leaking gas comes in contact with an ignition source, such as a spark or pilot light, deadly explosions can occur. 

#1 Deadly Semi-Truck Maneuver Responsible for Significant Trucking Accidents

San Antonio Truck Accident LawyerAs a Texas truck accident lawyer, I’ve come to realize that perhaps the single most dangerous maneuver that a commercial truck can make is a u-turn on a public roadway.   In fact, these maneuvers are so dangerous, that they are almost universally prohibited my most large trucking companies.  However, this doesn’t stop the majority of truck drivers from attempting these dangerous maneuvers.  In fact, a recent poll among truck drivers showed that the vast majority of truck drivers attempt u-turns in a big rig on a regular basis, even those who knew such maneuvers are prohibited by company policy.  It is well documented that these types of dangerous trucking maneuvers lead to hundreds of Texas truck accidents each year.  Each time a truck driver attempts one of these dangerous maneuvers on a public roadway, he or she is acting negligently, putting the safety of the general public at risk.  Our dedicated San Antonio truck accident lawyers fight hard to hold these drivers accountable when their negligence leads to injury or death.

 What Makes U-Turns In An 18-Wheeler So Dangerous?

Basically, there are three reasons that making a u-turn in a commercial truck is so dangerous:

Much Needed Assistance for Our Country’s Veterans

San Antonio Disability Lawyer - Barrus Law GroupThis Veterans Day the Barrus Law Group wishes to give thanks to all the brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country, keeping us safe, and allowing us to continue to enjoy the freedoms and quality of life that have become the envy of nations the world over.  Our team of San Antonio disability lawyers is honored to help veterans receive disability benefits before the Social Security Administration.  Our country’s veterans of foreign wars fought hard for our freedom, and in turn we fight hard for them before the Social Security Administration to get the disability benefits they and their families deserve.

Alarmingly, each Veterans Day we hear stories about veterans who are suffering physically, economically, and emotionally.  We hear stories about how the growing population of street homeless are veterans.  We hear about the alarming rate of drug and alcohol abuse among veterans, and about increases in suicide rates among our country’s heroes upon returning home.  These stories are heartbreaking to say the least, which is why our disability claims lawyers in San Antonio Texas do everything they can to help our veterans in need.

Many of our veterans also struggle economically, especially those who are disabled by lesser-recognized disabilities such as PTSD, Depression, or other debilitating conditions.  Sadly, many veterans fail to realize that they can get economic help by receiving social security disability benefits in addition to the veteran’s benefits they may already be receiving.

New Automobile Technology Raises Safety Issues and Prompts Nissan Recall

San Antonio car accident lawyers - Barrus Law GroupJust as President George W. Bush stated that this country is “addicted to oil,” in the United States we are also addicted to technology.  A day without our smart phone would send most of us into shock.  Likewise, the automobile industry is also addicted to technology.

Automotive technology has led to some amazing advances in innovation and performance.  However, as a San Antonio car accident lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand the complex nature of these advanced technologies, which have the potential to malfunction, making safety a primary concern.  As a result, thousands of people are injured each year in automobile accidents that occur as a result of these types of automobile design defects.

In fact, recently Nissan Motor Company issued a recall on nearly 200,000 sport-utility vehicles, many of which are located in the United States.  The recall came about to fix malfunctioning brake control software that could make it difficult to stop vehicles, thus increasing the risk of auto accidents. The recall affects the following Nissan models: